• Duck Tape Mockup CN_022
  • Duck Tape Mockup CN_022
  • Duck Tape Mockup CN_022

    Duck Tape Mockup CN_022

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    This is an evocative photoshoot that captures the raw and unrefined beauty of urban textures after dark. The collection marries the harshness of concrete structures with the mysterious allure of the night, creating a backdrop that adds depth and character to mockups. Each image in this series is a celebration of contrast – the interplay of light and shadow, the juxtaposition of man-made textures against the velvet night sky. Perfect for designs seeking an edgy, contemporary feel, "Concrete Night" offers a canvas where the grit and elegance of the city come alive.

    Our mockups feature genuine texture effects to achieve an authentic look. In Photoshop, you have the flexibility to adjust these texture settings to suit your specific design needs.

    Large 4K resolution images are needed to make a stunning presentation of your design. The pixel dimensions of each mockup may differ as we fine-tune the composition and aspect ratio to ensure the most visually appealing presentation.

    Our mockups are compatible with Adobe Photoshop. This format allows us to add effects and textures to produce realistic ink textures and display screens.

    Our mockups are created by passionate photographers and undergo meticulous selection. When creating a photoshoot we only think about if we will love it... and hopefully others will too.