• Urban Sticker Mockup ST_013
  • Urban Sticker Mockup ST_013

    Urban Sticker Mockup ST_013

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    Showcase your designs in urban streets for a unique and authentic presentation. Context brings your design to life and amplifies emotion with the environment it is in.

    Sticker mockups are made with real texture effects to make them look authentic. You can play around with texture settings in Photoshop to match your unique design if that's needed.

    Our sticker mockups are captured and crafted in large 4K resolution formats. Exact pixel dimensions can vary based on mockup as we perfect composition and aspect ratio for best visual presentation.

    Fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Files are simple to use and well organized. With Photoshop we have crafted effects and textures to convince viewers it is not a mockup, but real photography.

    Our mockups are captured by passionate photographers and go through a scrupulous selection. Our main and only quality guideline is if we love it ourselves. If we do, just maybe, others will also.